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shout outs!

hand signals**!!
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about me
shout outs!
***pirate radio!!!
loyalist song lyrics
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pics o ppl
:: cds::

mentionin all my mates who get my respect lol or basically anybody for dat matter.  if u want to be famous an get a shout out contact me on msn.
il also be keepin yus all up way all da banter dats goin or use dis page to slabber bout peeps dat r pissin me off bt hopefully i wont have to.

Dave steele n Ricky Baird u mad hurs. cheers for linkin me i also linked you so now all da hunners o folk dat com to my site will go to urs so iv returned da favour der.
biggin up my main biatch dannielle for givin me no help watsoever in makin dis site. i no u just want to b known n get ur name up so here u are. and yes u are my undying love lol
greg winning u gypsy- comical bt camp oj lad u o me
peter mconnell u nob-hed - disrespecting my website! il teach u a lesson son ul never get da better o me
moorheed! ye hur ye!
n how could i 4get cathy knowls my future wife! lol   

want a shout out?
50 Cent : Window Shopper / GJPix

dont be scared to approach me! lololol

ya man